A Day Off

In our busy lives, it's often hard to squeeze in a vacation or even find a day off.  That's why it's nice when our friend Mark offers to take us sailing on Long Island Sound, off the coast of Connecticut.  We get a real day off.  Last week we managed to squeeze a day in between a dedication of a memorial bench for my dad (July 8) and a family wedding (July 10) to get down to the sound to catch some wind and some waves. 

Mark's boat isn't large like some huge yachts we saw, but it was so nice to get away from the pressure and difficulties of life and simply relax.  The day was warm and sunny, so even though the breeze wasn't strong, we managed to get in some real sailing.  I like to hold the tiller and steer the boat, but I'm not an expert sailor, just a green first mate.


Unfortunately, Daniel and Suzanne couldn't be with us this time as they had work.  We missed them, but we got to see something we had not seen on previous trips: seals basking on Fisher's Island just across the inlet from Mystic.  This may be the best-kept secret on Long Island Sound.  Normally, they swim north by this time of year, but there they were.

Another highlight was rounding the small rocky outcrop with a pretty lighthouse.  The lighthouse used to be inhabited, but now it is automated and emits a rather jarring 'ping'...'ping' every few minutes to warn ships away.


All in all, it was a good day. Thanks, Mark.

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